[update lldb] 2014-05-05

Ended up getting a full day’s work in Monday with help from Mr. Midnight :slight_smile:

  • lldb

  • b/14487468

  • Emails with Greg, unblocked this $A-related task. The Xcode build uses a non-standard embedded llvm and clang (within the lldb directory) which was stale.- b/14561454

  • Added ability to capture regex expressions in gdbremote tests, and use them as comparisons for verification later in the protocol.

  • Added helper unit tests to verify regex/capture behavior.- b/14552644

  • Using the above, implemented a test to verify the post-launch process current thread is the one reported by the first stop reply pack.

  • Found this isn’t the case in MacOSX. Asking detailed question on lldb-dev here. Test disabled on debugserver/OSX for now.

  • The Linux llgs branch implements this but I need to make a tweak to the recent $? output to make the test pass.

Please disregard. Not enough coffee in the A.M.