Update: Re: Looking for contributors to target LLVM for open-source, multi-core GP-GPU-Compute Engine and RISC CPU

Dear Members,

The past couple days, the SYMPL repository has received several hundred visitors and an number of inquires, including some who are not happy with the use of the two words, “open source”. The purpose of this update is to bring to your attention the “FloPoCo” “open source” license, since the SYMPL GP-GPU-Compute engine and SYMPL RISC CPU presently employ FloPoCo-generated floating-point operators. Here is an excerpt from the “open source” license posted at the FloPoCo website, which is managed by Insa Lyon, France located at the following link http://flopoco.gforge.inria.fr/:


FloPoCo is open-source. Contributions are welcome!

Installation instructions (including one-line install for Ubuntu) are provided in the user manual.

The intent of the authors is to distribute FloPoCo as free software (in the FSF AGPL sense), while imposing that the source code generated by FloPoCo is also free software (also AGPL-like). The (A)GPL doesn’t seem to allow that, so it seems we have to invent something.

Current state of the license is therefore “all right reserved”, which just means that the distribution terms are still being decided by the copyright owners (a consortium of the employers of the authors).

If this is a problem for your application, we are ready to negociate a commercial license: [contact us](mailto:Florent.de.Dinechin %C3%A0 ens.lyon.fr)."

Best regards,