Update To Optimized Nightly Test


You may or may not have noticed that the optimized nightly test wasn't
run for the last week. Unfortunately, it caused my email server running
on the same machine to choke and Lord knows I can't live without
reliable email. So, I turned it off temporarily to restore some sanity
and hopefully figure out what the problem was. I never did figure it out
so I've started running the nightly test on an alternate machine. Please
note the machine's hardware specs have changes. This is a dual Intel
Xeon 2.4GHz with hyperthreading enabled. It has 1GB of RAM.

The first test on the new hardware has run this evening and produced the
following new regression:

Regression.CFrontend.2004-07-06-FunctionCast : FAIL , expected PASS
Compiling C code failed
Regression.CodeGen.CBackend.2003-06-2argc: 1

Everything else looks good.