Updated: Documentation, Setting up a Windows Buildbot Slave

Hi again,

I’ve been working pretty hard throughout the night and now I’ve got a substantially updated version of the Windows build doc. From now on it is your feedback, however, that drives the changes. I can’t think of anything else that needs to be documented at this point in the process.

Is this the correct way of doing things? That I post revisions on this mailing list? Or should I send off the document to some predetermined email address or another mailing list?


  1. The typography has been made to be more in line with the other LLVM docs (i.e. I now use “
    ” where I should).
  2. An appendix has been added with Nathan’s library link order.
  3. An appendix has been added presenting the debugging options (known to me).
  4. The Introduction has been expanded quite a bit.
  5. Some typos were fixed.
  6. The document has been edited to only be 80 chars wide (I normally use 132 chars width in my own code).


– Love Thy Frog!

How to Setup a Windows BUildbot Slave (Revision 2).zip (11.7 KB)