Updated ExceptionDemo patch

The attached patch is an updated version of a previous example patch submitted to the list.
Although the previous patch was never added to the repository, I'm submitting the new
version for consistency sake, and to see if anyone is interested in porting this to windows.
This version conforms to the latest mainline (2.7), and no longer includes any system include files.
However there is a dependency on __attribute__((__aligned__)) being supported.

This patch which will add an exception handling example to the examples directory. Both zero cost
example specific, and foreign exception handling is demoed. The example's documentation fully
explains how to run the example.

The patch was tested for a debug build on 32bit X86 CentOS LINUX, and both a debug and release build
on OS X 10.6.2.


PS: At the other extreme I have a version of this example that is completely generated. In this version, the personality,
and its supporting routines are generated and JITed. There is still a dependency on alignment which I'm still working
on (trying to emulate the effect of __attribute__((__aligned__))). Although this effort was taken on for my own edification,
and an experimental use in a function pass, it can be made available to the list, if this list so desires. :slight_smile:

ExceptionDemo2.patch (85.9 KB)