Upstreaming question


I have a question about the order of upstreaming.

We've been upstreaming our modifications for NEC SX-Aurora VE to
llvm and clang following this RFC,
[llvm-dev] [RFC] NEC SX-Aurora VE backend.

Almost of all modifications on llvm/clang are upstreamed. Now, we
are trying to upstream our modification on libraries like compiler-rt.
But it is paused at compiler-rt, ⚙ D92748 [VE][compiler-rt] Add VE as a target of crt.

Basically, he is saying that VE is not yet an official target, so
modifications on libraries won't be accepted. He is also saying
experimental compiler is acceptable, but our modification for VE,
experimental compiler, is paused without reasons (IMO).

I appreciate if I can hear what we can do to a next step.

Should I ask to make VE as one of official target before upstreaming
modifications on libraries? Or, should I push above patch harder?

Sorry for this kind of generic question. But, I appreciate any answers.


Looks like there might just be some confusion over the target being committed as experimental, versus being entirely out of tree.

I’d suggest waiting to hear back from Saleem/compnerd to check that confusion’s resolved/see what his thoughts are then.