Upstreaming utils/kate/llvm.xml

Hello. I’m KDE developer and while poking around LLVM, I’ve stumbled upon LLVM IR syntax definition for Kate. Is there any reason why hasn’t this been upstreamed ( )?

I would guess because LLVM IR highlighting would be of interest only to LLVM developers, who would all have LLVM checked out anyway. Also the textual syntax isn’t guaranteed stable long-term, and it would be an additional maintenance burden on LLVM developers to make KDE patches. I’m suspicious that even the version in the LLVM tree is not current, as it hasn’t been updated in several years.



The kate stuff is already in the LLVM tree, since 2010, and people can update things as they trip over them.

I understood the question to be why it hadn’t been upstreamed to KDE.


Ok, is there any licensing issues that may prevent it be commited to Kate
repository? If not, I'd do that myself.