Usage of LLJIT & Orc v2 by new end-user


LLJIT and Orc v2 represent, to me, a great advancement for use of JIT in my projects where I need granular control of practically everything.

Having lost my mind with glee after watching “Updating ORC JIT for Concurrency”, I eagerly downloaded the latest git version to examine the LLJIT code.

Mentioned at the end of the video was that documentation was being worked on and would be forthcoming.

Question 1: Is the draft documentation for LLJIT/Orc v2 available for review even in its unfinished state… I ask because I need it… like bad.

Learning from code examples as in lli.cpp as well as the doxygen docs is all well and good, but ancillary docs from the author would be invaluable, even in unfinished form.

I volunteer to review and use this documentation as an unwashed noob to Orc v2/LLJIT and give my best take on clarity and robustness.

The video showed a tool which was awesome.

The most important thing it demonstrated, again to me, was granular events being emitted at each point in the JIT process… these event messages are what made me jump for joy…

However, looking at LLJIT, I am at a loss as to how to implement this kind of event messaging myself… to be honest, I got lost understanding the error failure system and am still working on becoming proficient in its use…

Question 2: Are the event emitters there and I am being daft? Or were the events depicted in the video part of a code base that is yet to be released (if ever)?

I will continue to enthusiastically explore and work with LLJIT, but any help in regards to additional documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Excellent work so far.

Daniel Chapiesky

Hi Daniel, in case you are still curious, I finished the update of my JitFromScratch example project (mostly):
Much of it is based on LLJIT and you can find a few examples for event handling, like object emitted/loaded. Hope it helps Stefan