User Plugins?

Does anyone have any information regarding the status of user plugin support in lldb? From what I can see there's a typo in SetPluginInfo() in PluginManager.cpp that would prevent any user plugins from being loaded (the assert() statement is incorrect). Also, the callback names and signatures in the plugin loader are different from the sample plugin (ie. "bool LLDBPluginInitialize(void)" vs "bool lldb::PluginInitialize(lldb::SBDebugger debugger)"). Any idea if/when this has last been used or tested?


No. User plug-ins are not implemented yet. They would be currently limited to using the public API and this has limitations depending on what kind of plug-in you are writing. Any plug-in in particular that you would want to write?

The internal plug-ins currently use the internal code which isn't an API that can be locked down...