Using bugzilla for 3.9.1 merge requests


For the 3.9.1 stable release, I would like to change the merge request
process, so that all merge requests go through bugzilla, rather than
through the mailing lists.

For people submitting merge requests, not much will change, you just
submit your request via bugzilla rather than through the mailing lists,
and I'll even accept requests via the old method if you think entering
bugs is too much extra work.

This change is really mostly for me, and I how I manage the releases.
I want to try to make the process less work for the release manager,
but also make the process more transparent, so everyone can easily see
the status of the outstanding merge requests.

The procedure for merge requests as bugzilla bugs that I had in mind
was something like:

1. File a bug against version 3.9 with a subject like " Merge rxxxx into
the 3.9 branch", with a brief explanation of what this patches fixes or
why it should be merged. Assign the bug to the stable release manager
(which is me in this case), and mark it as a blocker of the 3.9.1 release
meta bug:

2. The release manager will do a preliminary review of the patch, and
make sure it complies with stable branch policies. If the patch is
meets stable branch requirements, then the release manager will assign
the bug to the code owner for final approval.

3. Once the code owner has approved, the release manager will assign
the bug back to the submitter, and he or she will be responsible for
merging the patch to the stable branch or finding someone who can merge
it for them.

4. Once the patch has been merged, the bug will be closed.

I'm looking for ideas and suggestions for improving this process if
anyone has any. I'm going to start trying to use this process,
but I will probably be tweaking it based on feedback, and trial and
error. I'm hoping by the end of this cycle, we will be able to
come up with a final process that we can document and use for
future stable releases.


Filled a bug against that... easy enough.

This also helped us manage the 3.9.0 release *much* better.

I vote for strictly following these guidelines for all releases.