using cfrontend-1.6 and llvm-1.7

Is it safe to use the LLVM cfrontend 1.6 with LLVM 1.7 or the latest LLVM from CVS? I am running OS X 10.3.9, which I believe corresponds to Darwin kernel version 7.9.0. When I tried to use the 1.7 cfrontend, I could not get LLVM 1.7 or the LLVM from CVS to compile. However, when I used the 1.6 cfrontend (which is additionally labeled Darwin 7.9.0), I was able to get them to compile.


Yes, it should work. LLVM will autoupgrade the output of all previous C front-ends. Note that you'll probably get warnings and other stuff, but it should work... in theory. Noone has tested it that I'm aware of.