Using lli tool for vmjc generated llvm-ir

I was trying to test vmjc generated llvm-IR using lli tool and encountered some error. First I compiled java file using javac and then generated the .bc by using vmjc.
First I ran this to generate bc
vmjc -with-jit -disable-opt -main=HelloWorld HelloWorld

lli -load=…/lib/ HelloWorld.bc
LLVM ERROR: Program used external function ‘StartJnjvmWithJIT’ which could not be resolved!

actually this StartJnjvmWithJIT is available on libj3compiler.a but , how to link this static libraries with lli ? is there any way to generate supporting share library for this.



There’s a command line option, “-extra-archive”, that you can use to provide archive files to lli. There’s also a corresponding option for object files.