Using LLVM as cross-compiler to C

Hi All - Newbie warning... I am developing for a target that does not have a functioning C++ environment, and need to use C++. It was suggested that I could use LLVM to compile to C (using llc -march=c), then run the resulting C-code through the working C-cross-compilation tools. So, some newbie questions:

(1) Is this crazy ?
(2) What happens to all the C++ RTL ? Is it statically linked as LLVM code, then translated back into C ?
(3) Where does the LLVM RTL come from - newlib ? glibc ? other ?
(4) Is it manageable to create a small number of intrinsics to allow access to the C runtime functions on the target, or is this difficult ? In the mailing list archive I saw some unresolved question with warnings about type conversions for someone trying this...

Thanks in advance for your advice,
Best Regards, Dave

Dave Nadler, USA East Coast voice (978) 263-0097,, Skype Dave.Nadler1