using llvm as library from xcode project?

Hi all,

I just downloaded and compiled LLVM and I'd like to use the JIT API in
a project that I've got in Xcode. I'm confused because I thought I
could use LLVM like a library, but it seems I can't simply include
some headers and link to lib, as usual. Or can I? I don't see a
framework or dylib file, which I would usually add to my Xcode
project. The /usr/local/lib directory has a bunch of .a files.

This page ( suggests that I need to
learn about the LLVM build system. If so, why?

I tried simply adding all the .a files in /usr/local/lib, but my
programs fails at:

    engine = EngineBuilder(module).setErrorStr(&err).create();

The 'engine' is null, and 'err' is "Interpreter has not been linked in.".


You don't need XCode to compile llvm.
It's best to supply --enable-shared to configure. This will build you libLLVM-2.9svn.dylib. This is the only library you need to link your app with.


Ah, thanks. I should have seen that configure option.