Using LLVM from Autoconf

I’m writing a C++ program that uses LLVM, and trying to build it with autotools. Thanks to Diego Novillo, there is an M4 macro that detects llvm-config:

How do I use it? Given that I’ve written a basic that can compile a basic C++ program, how do I modify it to make use of the macro? And should the macro be copied into the project directory as a separate file or pasted into I tried a Google search for how to include a macro from but I’m not clear on what the results mean.

     You would have better luck asking those questions on as the llvm project has just finished depreciating
the use of autoconf in favor of cmake.

Jack's correct about moving this to However, you
can start by cutting and pasting the bits from the same
github repo I pointed you to earlier today. The actual commit that
brought those changes may be easier to use as a template.

Ah, that does clarify things some! I’ll try going from that, and if I have more questions, I’ll try the autoconf list. Thanks!