Using other front end work as a basis?

Is the plan to start completely from scratch or were you interested in looking at other projects (with a compatable license) that might have something you could use:

Is the plan to start completely from scratch

Our current C front-end (named clang) builds on LLVM (a well established back-end framework).

That said, the C++ front-end we envision would be built atop both clang/LLVM (which is far from starting from scratch, fortunately:-)

If you are interested in learning more about our goals, you might try starting with the email below.

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To us, it isn't all about the license: it's also about the technology. We evaluated many other solutions and they didn't fit (and couldn't easily be changed to fit) our technical goals.

If you're looking for partial C++ support in the short term, OpenC++ is a better choice for you than clang is.