Using polly with clang-cl?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to use polly when using clang-cl?

I’ve been using the -clang pass-through argument in the optimisation flags I’m passing, but I can’t see any evidence of polly being utilised.

For posterity, here are the flags I’m passing to clang-cl when compiling:

-clang:-O3 -clang:-march=core2 -clang:-mtune=haswell -mllvm -polly -mllvm -polly-dump-before-file=before-polly.ll

I don’t see the before-polly.ll file anywhere on my system, so I can only assume it’s not being used. There’s a chance I’m using the wrong flags? Should I maybe be using Xclang instead?

FWIW, I’m compiling on Linux targetting Windows, which is why I’m using - instead of /.

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