Using RecursiveASTVisitor with comment nodes

I’m working on a doc-comment tool using RecursiveASTVisitor however it doesn’t seem to work with member functions named Visit[Comment Type]Comment.
E.g. VisitFullComment never gets called. When dumping the AST for the same source it clearly shows the comments nested under a FunctionDecl node.

Do I have to extract the comments directly from declaration nodes? Or can I extract them independently?

Hi Stephen,

I believe that the comment nodes are stored in a side table, and are not visited by the RecursiveASTVisitor. Here’s how the AST dumper gets them:

if (const FullComment *Comment =

You get them in the same manner in your visitor in your VisitDecl function if you want to visit them.

I hope this helps,

Hi Alex,

Thanks for clarifying! That’s how I ended up implementing it anyway.