Using the LLVM IR builder API


I have code that generates:
declare i32 @test25b(i64*, i64*, i32, i64*)
Is there any way to get names added to that?

I can get the following when I go on to enter the contents of the nodes:
define i32 @test22a(i64* %param1, i64* %param2, i32 %param3, i64* %param4) {

I.e. I wish names to be added to the declare as well as the define.

Is this possible with LLVM IR ?

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No. There would be no point because there's no reason or way to refer
to those formal parameters in isolation. Put another way: there's no
llvm::Value instance associated with them, and that's what names are
attached to in the LLVM IR.

Are you trying to do anything in particular that you think you need
the names for, or just make your IR more human-readable?