UsingDirectiveDecl inconsistently (not) added to their DeclContext.

We are observing an inconsistency (affecting our AST visitors) in the addition of UsingDirectiveDecl to their DeclContext.

When parsing a using directive, it gets added to its DeclContext only if it is NOT a function/method:

===================== SemaDeclCXX.cpp
void Sema::PushUsingDirective(Scope *S, UsingDirectiveDecl *UDir) {
   // If the scope has an associated entity and the using directive is at
   // namespace or translation unit scope, add the UsingDirectiveDecl into
   // its lookup structure so qualified name lookup can find it.
   DeclContext *Ctx = static_cast<DeclContext*>(S->getEntity());
   if (Ctx && !Ctx->isFunctionOrMethod())



Repeat the check; I don't see any value to having the UsingDirectiveDecl
in the DC for a function.