I find types such as v16i32, v16f32 missing in my llvm version 2.7

So does the following page not list them

is that intentional for any reason or can I just add them ?


As far as I know, they're not there simply because there isn't any use
for them in any current backend.


I tried adding them in my backend however I run into the assertion

assert((unsigned)VT.SimpleTy < sizeof(LoadExtActions[0])*4 &&
           ExtType < array_lengthof(LoadExtActions) &&
           "Table isn't big enough!");

What does the assertion mean ?

thanks for all help!!

That means you forgot to bump up LAST_VALUETYPE.


Thanks Eli ...I actually did that ..bumped it up by 2 that I had
added. Any thing else that I might have done wrong ?

I can see a different assert where it clearly depends on LAST_VALUETYPE
assert((unsigned)VT.SimpleTy < MVT::LAST_VALUETYPE


I forget when exactly the relevant changes here were done... you might
need something newer than 2.7.