v3.5.0: Pre-built binaries for Ubuntu/precise?


I was using the pre-built binaries for Ubuntu/precise (v12.04) up to v3.4.2.

With v3.5.0 release I see you offer a 64bit (amd64) binary only for
Ubuntu/trusty (v14.04).
OK, I know trusty is now the latest Ubuntu-Linux with LongTerm-Support.

If you do not plan to offer binaries for precise no more, can you
point me to on how you generated the file (like a build-script or a
web-link with more informations)?

On [1] "Pre-built Binaries: -> Clang for Ubuntu14.04 Linux (.sig)"...

Can you add an "amd64" hint like "Clang for amd64 Ubuntu14.04 Linux"
(for other platforms you added the arch)?


- Sedat -

[1] http://llvm.org/releases/download.html#3.5.0

I think I probably built those, but around the release of 3.4.2, I upgraded my machines to trusty.

I think instead, you may want to look here:

Which are properly packaged (but don't forget the gcc-4.8 backport for precise).

If you want to build it yourself in the same way the "release" binaries are built, you'll need to check out the llvm source and invoke:
./llvm/utils/release/test-release.sh -release 3.5.0 -final -triple x86_64-linux-gnu -no-64bit

This will build a compiler, use that compiler to build another compiler and then use that compiler to build the final compiler, which will be packaged into the xz file. This may not actually be what you want, but it's nice for testing.

On a 64bit platform, the -no-64bit actually means "don't build the 64bit version twice".