Validating a new release

Hi Renato,

Thank you very much for your valueable time and inforamtion.

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Renato, could you please share with me how you do the test clang+llvm for AArch64 (for example, how to validate x86_64 clang+LLVM compiler and binaries cross-compiled for AArch64) ? For example, how to modifiy test-suit scripts to send cross-compiled binaries for execution on the real-board and getting the results back.

Hi Min,

I don’t validate ARM and AArch64 cross, only native. What I do is simple:

  • On all releases, I run the script to build all three phases, and check for the make check results. Then I use the install directory to run the test-suite. Everything must pass.

  • On the first major release (3.6.0, 3.7.0, etc), I also run some extra benchmarks (EEMBC, SPEC, LNT-Bench) to track overall performance and to test on different codebases.

We already track the Linux kernel on unmodified trunk, but I have plans to start collecting large projects (Chromium, Apache, MySQL) to compile and run tests. Though, this will take some time.

There is one cross-buildbot on AArch64 running on models (, you could ask Gabor (cc) about it.

There were some efforts to run the test-suite cross on ARM, but with AArch64 machines being more powerful, and the ARM ones already able to run native test-suites, I don’t think there’s a pressing need to do that.

Somewhere, either in the LNT source code, or in the test-suite makefiles, there’s a rule to execute the binaries in QEMU, but that rule can be overridden to ssh into a remote machine. Though, I don’t know how you’d copy the binaries there in the first place.

Hope this helps.