values with no name in 2.6


I've been upgrading some custom LLVM passes to work with LLVM 2.6
instead of LLVM 2.5. I've noticed that in 2.6, some functions seem to
have several local values with no name (where getName() returns an
empty string). I never saw this in 2.5. Is this a known change in
behaviour? Is there some handy way to get unique, deterministic names
assigned to all values in a function?


llvm 1.0 didn't require names, so this isn't new behavior :). What is new is that the frontends aren't as consistent about naming new values. If you want to get names assigned to things, run the bc file through "opt -instnamer".


Run the -instnamer pass.


run the bc file through "opt -instnamer"

Run the -instnamer pass.

Thanks to both of you - that does the trick!