Vector Predication round table


The Vector Predication extension ( is an
on-going project to make LLVM a better place for predicating SIMD and
vector architectures.
Since there was no vector predication round table at the virtual DevMtg
last week.. let's have one now!

I propose the following time slot:

  Thu, 22.10.2020, 4pm [UTC] // 1h Call (I'll send out a link on llvm-dev)

I'll prepare a few slides on VP, its development status and the roadmap
(~15min) followed by an open discussion.
It's time to bring everyone to the table and boost the VP effort.

- Simon


The Vector Predication Round Table takes place today (Thu, 2020-10-22) from 4pm to 5pm UTC.


I‘ll open the call 10min before to give people time to test their setup.

- Simon


We had our Vector predication round table yesterday. Detailed notes are

Thank you for attending and making the round table so productive!

One key takeaway for me is that there should be an introductory talk to
LLVM-VP to explain a) its scope, b) its benefits and c) how much work
it would be to get to those benefits. I take that on my TODO list
and prepare an introductory talk. We will have another round table call
after people had time to digest the video and draw their conclusions.

  • Simon