verbose check-all with cmake?

Is there an equivalent "make check-all VERBOSE=1" in the CMake build?
I'm looking to see the full list of unit tests and the result of each.



I suppose you'd like to run lit with -v.

Makefiles generated by cmake are out of control by arguments on make(1).

I suggest;

1) Use llvm-lit.

  $ bin/llvm-lit -v test tools/clang/test ...

  Yeah, it doesn't emulate implicit "check-all"...

2) Reconfigure CMake with LLVM_LIT_ARGS

  $ cmake -DLLVM_LIT_ARGS=-v

  You may change it (in CMakeCache.txt) with "make edit_cache",
ccmake(1) or cmake-gui.exe.

HTH, Takumi