verbosity while invoking clang

I am working on implementing a new target for llvm.
So far (to make debugging easier), I was compiling a C code into 2 steps:

  1. generate the llvm file:
    clang -ccc-host-triple mytarget -emit-llvm -S myfile.c -o myfile.ll
  2. generate the assembly file using
    llc -march=mytarget myfile.ll

Sometimes, I add some verbosity for the 2nd command like “-print-after-all”.
Now, I’d like to compile a C code in 1 step using clang (clang -ccc-host-triple mytarge -S myfile.c -o myfile.s)
Is there a way to have options like “print-after-all” with clang ? (that might be a newbie question but I didn’t find a clear spec of what parameters can be given to clang…).

Thanks !

Hi Damien,

I think you might want to use the “-mllvm” flag:

$ clang -ccc-host-triple mytarge -S myfile.c -o myfile.s -mllvm -print-after-all


Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for.