View graph while debugging code on windows

Hi all,

I’ve been study clang for a while, and i found it’s great to view some graph (while debugging code).
Usually i use gdb under emacs and call GRExprEngine::ViewGraph(false) when i need to see where the analysis goes.

But i found it’s faster for me to debug clang in VS, because i can see “locals” much quickly and clearly.

Here comes the problems:

First, can i make the “-analyzer-viz-egraph-graphviz” or something like this happen on windows? If so, how?

Second, is there anything like “gdb call” in VS Debugging? Further, can i make GRExprEngine::ViewGraph(false) happen while debugging clang in VS?

I’ll also appreciate it if there are any advice about debugging with gdb.



It seems that this is because llvm delete the graph file before graphviz program start. you can just comment the statements that delete this file, that work for me :stuck_out_tongue:

best regards

thanks, ether. I will try that.

2010/4/1 ether zhhb <>