Virtual OS


I have been away from the list for a while, so do apologize in advance if
the topic is slightly off topic here.

I have started a hobby project to create a virtual OS library (jos). The idea was to create a set of C API's for operating system specific tasks
i.e. File IO, threading and etc. For example:

typedef jos_handle jos_thread;
jos_thread jos_thread_create(...);
void jos_thread_destroy( jos_thread hThread );

The idea as a whole was to have this library at runtime and use llvm to
dynamically bind to it during execution of the user programs. So the Low
Level Virtual Machine will have very low level virtualization of the
operating system too.

The questions that I have are the following:
   * Is the idea worth while? i.e. is anyone apart from me interested?
   * Is there a similar undergoing project? If so pointers plz.
   * Are you interested in helping designing the concrete API?

With Best Regards

Mr. Kasra Nassiri
Department of Computer Science
Imperial College London

The system was latter used in SOSP, ASPLOS, and USENIX papers.