Virus in a test file?

I'm setting up on a new Windows PC, and after cloning the monorepo
my virus scanner decided to delete a test input file:


citing "RDN/Generic.cpt" as the reason.

If this is really necessary, I can probably work out how to persuade
the scanner to ignore this file, but I figured I should ask first.

Best thing I can think of is to delete this test. This has come up several times on the list. The reason the executable is checked in is because otherwise we can’t run the test on non-Windows. But given that this keeps occurring, maybe we should just get rid of the test.

It’s several tests that use this input. Perhaps rebuilding it with clang-cl and lld-link would change it enough to appease the virus scanner.

I was able to exclude this (actually my whole dev tree, as there appears to be an llvm-readobj test file with a similar issue) from scans so this isn’t blocking me anymore.

But still might be worth a mention on one or another of the getting-started pages?