Visual Studio 2015 to use clang/LLVM for Android development


in case not everybody here reads the blog:

Visual Studio 2015 Preview (download here) introduces support for developers to be able to build
cross-platform mobile native (C/C++) binaries targeting Windows platforms (through the Visual C++
toolchain C1xx/C2) and the Android platform (through Clang/LLVM toolchain).

<Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Visual C++ - C++ Team Blog;


Its getting better and better

-LLVM/Clang (for Anroid) in Visual Studio 2015
-LLVM(Clang) in next Intel Compiler
-LLVM(Clang) in next AMD Compiler
-ongoing work on 32/64 SEH support and the rest of MSVC compatibility

the compiler-world (especialy the windows and windows/linux porting) will change dramatical

and a full working cl-replacement will also boost the LLDB-Development for the windows world
and then the QT-Creator quys are able to compete much stronger with MSVC

im very excited