Visual Studio clang-format extension difficulties

The guidance for how to use the “File” configuration for the options is not clear.

I’ve put a .clang-format file in the same directory as the source code, but it doesn’t seem to be picking up those settings. Does anyone have an example of how this is supposed to work?

They guidance provided by the plugin (in the Visual Studio options dialog for the extension) gives an example for the content of the YAML file along the lines of

‘{BasedOnStyle: “LLVM”, IndentWidth:8}’

But this exact string doesn’t seem to work, neither does removing the outer quotes, nor the curly braces, nor the commas (which is the format that clang-format -dump-config prints out).

FWIW, when I run clang-format directly when in the directory with the source code, I get this message at the top of the output:

Can’t find usable .clang-format, using LLVM style

Alright, I figured it out.

The name of the file literally has to be “.clang-format”. A file that has an extension of “.clang-format” is not good enough. IMO, the documentation should either be made more clear, or we should allows that form of filename. On Windows, it is not obvious how to create a file that “has no filename, only an ‘extension’”. In fact, Explorer freaks out and won’t let you do it, you have to do it from the command-line or some application. If I don’t get any hits on this list, I’ll forward over to the cfe-dev list.

I think a good idea might be to allow calling these files
"_clang-format", similar to how Vim's ".vimrc" files are called
"_vimrc" on Windows.

I sent out a patch for that:,
let's see how it goes.

- Hans