Visual Studio parsable error output from clang-cl (Richard)

Is there such a thing as break-out threads to this list?

I pulled down the trunk and it mostly builds on visual studio, not sure how you work on code that won't build. So I am about to build release 34, the latest stable one.

If there is a visual studio subset list please let me know.

Also if there is a 'string project' mailing list re: the string work from the official to-do list, I think I can help there. So if there is a sublist I would like to get on it.


Clang does build with Visual Studio, but you need VS 2012 or newer.

By “string project” todos, I’m assuming you mean projects that mainly involve changing Clang’s diagnostic output. There are certainly diagnostics that could be improved, especially in the area of MS inline asm, which is parsed by LLVM. Other than that, I don’t think we have a good list of diagnostic todos.