vmjc and CallGraphSCCPass

How can I vmjc to run CallGraphSCCPasses? I wrote a test pass that does nothing, and all vmjc says is:

vmjc: PassManager.cpp:1604: virtual void llvm::ModulePass::assignPassManager(llvm::PMStack&, llvm::PassManagerType): Assertion `!PMS.empty() && "Unable to find appropriate Pass Manager"' failed.
0 vmjc 0x08a6bfd8

Running even a built in pass like prune-eh fails as well.

From what I can tell, this is because the only PassManager on the PMStack is a FunctionPassManager, and assignPassManager pops this off, leaving the PMStack empty. Then it fails.


Hi Michael,

Currently, you can only run Function passes with vmjc. To run module passes, you can take the resulting .bc and call the opt tool on it.


Michael Wu wrote: