[VMKit-2.7] libvmjc.so building problem

I followed instructions in this page to setup my environment:

My llvm, llvm-gcc, and vmkit are not SVN version.
All of them are downloaded from this page:
GNU classpath is downloaded from:
PNet & PNetlib are not used because I just want the JVM.

I use these arguments to configure my VMKit:
./configure --prefix=/home/lhtseng/llvm
and then use `make ENABLE_OPTIMIZED=1' to build it
(I follow the instructions in this page: http://vmkit.llvm.org/use_mmtk.html)
After it's done, `j3' works properly.

Then I follow these instructions to enable AOT compilation:
  * cd tools/vmjc/libvmjc
And an error is occurred:

Hi Linghua,

There was a bug in the AOT compiler in revision 0.27 that got fixed in svn. Also, note that the AOT compiler does not work with MMTk right now (long-term plan to implement it), and that there is a bug with the GCMmap2 also that should be fixed soon.

By using svn versions of llvm and vmkit, you will soon be able to generate libvmjc.so. And yes, consider yourself lucky if it “only” takes 80 minutes to generate libvmjc.so on your machine :slight_smile: