[vmkit] Cross-compilation problems

OK, figured out that to cross-compile LLVM for another target I need to
./configure with --build=<build system triple> --host=<target system

. This works fine for llvm, clang and even (apparently) classpath

but when I try to do the same for vmkit2 it fails with "checking for
../../classpath-0.99/<build-dir>/lib/... configure: error: cannot check
for file existence when cross compiling". Is it supposed to be possible
to cross-compile VMKit in this way?



Hi Chris,

We have never tested cross-compilation with vmkit, but it should not
raise any problem:
-> if you want to compile vmkit for a foreign platform, you just have
to use your cross-compiler to compile vmkit, just as with any other
project (you will maybe have to hack the build process to indicate in
the CFLAGS the target platform to clang).
-> if you want to translate java code directly for another platform,
you have to compile vmkit without any option on your host and then use
the static compiler to translate your Java code into llvm code. At
this step, you just have to compile the resulting llvm code with your
cross-compiler. As you will also need the vmkit library for the target
platform, you will have to cross-compile vmkit and link the llvm code
generated by the vmkit static compiler with the vmkit built for the
target platform.