vmkit installation - classpath configure

Dear All
Here is another question. I'm trying now t install vmkit. According to this
I have to install classpath. But in trying to configure it, I get the following error:
configure: error: GTK+ peers requested but no X library available
googling, I found that I can use --disable-gtk-peer --disable-gconf-peer to come over this error.
Then, I got this error
configure: error: no acceptable Java compiler found in $PATH
I have java compiler., I'm sure of that
So, what I can I do now?

I'm working on ubuntu 11.10

Marwa Yusuf
Teaching Assistant - Computer Engineering Department
Faculty of Engineering - Benha University
E-JUST MSc Student
Computer Science & Engineering Dept.

Hi Marwa,

What version of javac do you have? I think gnu classpath requires javac version 6 or superior.