VMKit state of the union, android support, and .net/CLI


This has nothing to do with LLVM or VMKit… but if you’re interested:

I’ve been working on a light-weight JVM called Avian (http://oss.readytalk.com/avian/). It has a fast JIT compiler (that produces moderately good code, but no optimization). It doesn’t have any .NET support currently, but given the deep similarities between .NET and Java, I think it wouldn’t be a monumental task to add support.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to implement another language or runtime on top of avian for a while now. I’d estimate it’d take not more than a month or two to get something substantial working.

If you’re interested, let’s take the discussion to the avian mailing list (CC’d): https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/avian