Hi there.

Thanks for recent work that make vmkit working.

As far as I know, ToyVM[0] is the only entry point to vmkit for beginners and I think it’s outdated because of dependance of LLVM < 3.2 (bad include paths, TargetData type error, …)
Can you please, update it to recent changes if it’s possible ?
Also Is there other(s) way(s) to get started with vmkit ?


[0] http://vmkit2.gforge.inria.fr/tuto.php

Hi Baptiste,

You are right ToyVM is the only tutorial for beginners.
The problem is that the ToyVM needs to be re-factored to bring out VMKit key points.

However a member of our team updated ToyVM recently so I will updload it soon on VMKit's website.

Harris Bakiras