Volunteers needed (Bugzilla, Sys Admin, etc)


The LLVM project has grown substantially over the years and the needs of the project keep growing. Currently, the LLVM.org infrastructure is primarily managed by Anton and I. Given our time constraints and the needs of the project, this division of labor is just not sustainable. Ideally, we would have several volunteers for various portions of the infrastructure and they would work together to ensure that everything is up and running at all times.

I’ve asked Mike Edwards to help me out with the SVN and final sever move. As many of you know, UIUC has graciously hosted the LLVM project for many years but our needs have outgrown that situation and we are moving to a new server. I’ve been working on this move for a long time, but unfortunately my time keeps being diverted to too many other things and I just can’t get it completed. Thankfully, Mike has a lot of experience with system administration and has volunteered to help.

However, we are going to need more volunteers going forward. There are several areas that I would like to see people step up to fill specific roles.

1) General System administration: Maintaining the various servers in all aspects of general sys admin: updates/install, handling downtime, performance, backups.

2) Documentation Generation management/maintenance: There are various scripts that generate the documentation on llvm.org and other servers. I’m looking for a team of people to monitor the results of these scripts and to add new documentation generation scripts as needed.

3) Bugzilla accounts/software manager:I would like a team of people to help add the bugzilla accounts, add components, and keep the software up to date. A new mailing list has been created for the account management team (bugs-admin@lists.llvm.org).

As these are pretty important roles, I am looking for people who have strong ties to the community. If you are interested, I would ask that you send me an email with what areas you are interested in helping with, your background, and a reference from the LLVM community (code owner, board member, or long time developer).

Thank you,
Tanya Lattner

I am still looking for volunteers for General Sys Admin and Documentation. Please let me know!