Wanna contribute to LLVM ..

Respected Sir,

Let me introduce myself,This is Umesh from INDIA who currently working in Hewitt Packard(HP),Where i work in the Virtual Machine(VM) team from past one year in the maintianing the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) on Hp-Ux.

I like to contribute to LLVM by utilize my experiences and skills on compilers and virtual machines.

Me like to take the bug 715 in bugzilla i.e Fix / clean up memory allocation related optimizations .

Please guide me how do i proceed with the above bug .since i’m very much new to LLVM .

PS: To know more about me please refer the attached document.

Thanks in advance.

Resume.doc (42 KB)

That’s great. I’d start by checking out the sources, building llvm, and identifying a testcase. When you have a specific question, please ask here. I’d also familiarizing yourself with the existing lib/Transforms/Scalar/MemCpyOptimizer.cpp pass as a starting point.