Want something to laugh about?


This is really off-topic but you must know it:
In Germay you have to pay for radio and television not if you use it
but if you have the _possibility_ to use it. Since there is web radio
and things like youtube you have to pay if you have a pc/mac whatever,
but not to the service providers but to the almost govermental radio/tv
stations, which makes them the richest in the world.
Today the highest administration court decided for this solution in a
lawsuit. Of course many people sued this brain-dead law.
Luckily nothing really happens if you don't pay, therefore the rate of
so called black viewers is up to 20%, e.g. in Berlin.
I'm a black viewer since I spend my free time hacking on a project
that uses llvm instead of watching tv.

Now laugh and enjoy if you live in a country that does not have such
problems (but maybe others :wink: )