Warning: Bug 352 Change Coming

Shortly I'm going to check in a change set that affects nearly every
source code file in LLVM. This bug requires that all header files be
moved under the "include/llvm" directory. The headers in include/Support
and include/Config will be rearranged into three directories:
include/llvm/Support, include/llvm/ADT, and include/llvm/Config.

Just wanted to let you know there's a big header file storm coming. When
you see the commits roll, wait till you see my "all clear" message and
then do "cvs update -PdR" to get the directory changes. Note that this
change will cause a total recompile.

Sorry to impact you but I'm trying to get some of this rearrangement
stuff done before things get *really* busy in a few weeks. :slight_smile:


"all clear" ..

The commit has finished and a fresh checkout/configure/build works on

When you update, don't forget to use the -PdR options to "cvs update"
because you need to do it recursively (-R), prune empty directories and
check out new directories (-d).

Sorry for the impact, but this needed to be done.