Was there a recent git script change?

Hey llvm-dev,

Was there a recent git script change that I missed? The usual command no longer works on my local machine. Any ideas?

llvm-project/llvm> git llvm push -n
git remote get-url origin returned 129
error: Unknown subcommand: get-url


Hey Cam, it works for me on TOT (89fb9e8ce15).

What does the failed command return for you? It should be:

git remote get-url origin



“git remote get-url” is apparently fairly new, the old version is “git config remote.origin.url”.

Might be worth using that for compatibility.

You can propose a change for that, but note that it is there (at least) since , which is 3 years old now.

I see that there’s no required minimum version of ‘git’ listed on the Getting Started page


might want to add one?


Thanks for the quick replies, everyone.

We managed to have a new git installed on our local boxes, so this is no longer an issue for me.

Thanks again,

Sorry – there was another thread on this, but I hadn’t yet pushed the fix. I just committed r367259 which should fix this issue.