We really need more community involvement with GSoC

Anton let me know that while we’re seeing some pretty good GSoC proposals (or at least quite good starting points), we’re still really short on mentors.

Please, everyone, consider if you have the expertise and could find the bandwidth to mentor a GSoC student. If so, contact Anton and he’ll set you up.

Second, if you cannot be a GSoC mentor, please help the GSoC proposals turn into excellent proposals so that the students are set up for success. If at all possible, please try to prioritize this over the next few weeks. Search on the def lists for GSoC and try to help the proposals shape up.

That’s the short of it. Please help. Now I want to tell you a story if you’re still reading. ;]

Why should you care about GSoC? Hard to say. But I can tell you why I care desperately for GSoC.

You see, without GSoC I would literally not be working on LLVM, and I’m not sure Google would be involved with LLVM to the same extent. That’s because a long time ago, I was naive, idiotic student who thought LLVM was cool but didn’t even know how to program very well.

I learned how to actually contribute to LLVM usefully entirely because of GSoC. And then I got my job at Google largely because of having worked with some Google engineers during that GSoC on LLVM. Without this, I would literally not be where I am, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity.

For me, this is why I care so much about GSoC. The chance to have that impact on someone’s life is too incredibly. And so, for me, anything I can do to help cause this kind of opportunity be available for the next round of engineers is, IMO, amazingly valuable.

Anyways, maybe this inspires some of you to make the extra effort. I know it is a ton of work, but it may well end up being one of the most impactful ways to contribute.

Will it be possible to set up some infrastructure to reduce the amount of work involved in being a mentor?

I am not qualified to be a mentor yet, but would like to help with code reviews and maybe assist students with general problems faced in the initial stages of working on a large codebase.

Hi Anton, Chandler,

I'll be happy to mentor a project.

I have the same problem as Manasij here. I'm not sure if I really qualify to be a mentor. I can probably help supervise someone but I don't feel like I have the expertise to be a true mentor yet.