Web site name change

LLVM Developers,

We are planning to change the official Web site and CVS server for LLVM to llvm.org starting this week. The old name (llvm.cs.uiuc.edu) will simply become an alias for llvm.org; previously, it was the other way around.

This change is intended to recognize and encourage the broader community of developers that are working on LLVM. As you all know, LLVM was initially developed as part of a research project in my group at UIUC, funded primarily by NSF and UIUC. It has grown tremendously and is now in active commercial use, and there are many developers outside UIUC contributing to it. The server name change is intended to create an open-source identity that will encourage more external developers and companies to consider joining the effort and contributing code, time, and resources.

The Web site will still acknowledge UIUC’s support and in fact, the underlying servers will continue to live in our research lab at UIUC. The software copyright will also continue to be owned by UIUC. All LLVM source code will be covered by the existing LLVM Open Source License, unless you are explicitly notified of any changes in this policy.

Any concerns or questions about these changes can be posted to llvmdev, simply by replying to this message. Regards,

–Vikram Adve