WebAssembly backend peripheral register accesses

In a post to the Clang mailing list it was suggested that certain fixed system addresses should be supported by the WebAssembly backend in LLVM. I think the author of that post has understated the potential of the capabilities that could be unlocked by such a move.

This capability could potentially allow architecture neutral device drivers to be distributed using WebAssembly outside the browser using the Wasmer environment. Wasmer is marketed toward edge servers but with some effort, along with bindings to the host operating system, it could supply all base level functionality to supply both architecture neutral applications and drivers.

It’s been years since I’ve posted to the mailing lists and now that I have something to say, I’ve forgotten how to access them using a password that I also haven’t used for years. If you can, please spread the word back to the mailing list.

Never mind about sharing to the mailing list. I figured it out.