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I was reading the clang front-end user manual with a eye of interest towards using clang & on PPC.
I attempted to go to the Target-specific Features and Limitations link in the introduction. Unfortunately,
this generated a 404 not found error for /docs/target_features. If the information is anywhere else on the site or if that link could be fixed
I would appreciate it.

This is the page I went to the link from: http://clang.llvm.org/docs/UsersManual.html#intro

The broken link in this section:

The Clang driver and language features are intentionally designed to be as compatible with the GNU GCC compiler as reasonably possible, easing migration from GCC to Clang. In most cases, code “just works”.

In addition to language specific features, Clang has a variety of features that depend on what CPU architecture or operating system is being compiled for. Please see the Target-Specific Features and Limitations (broken) section for more details.

The rest of the introduction introduces some basic compiler terminology that is used throughout this manual and contains a basic introduction to using Clang as a command line compiler.

-Brennan Shacklett.

I've fixed the link. Thanks!

  - Doug