What are UNRESOLVED test in llvm-lit?

Hi, I am trying to understand llvm-lit. Please what does llvm-lit mean by UNRESOLVED test, more specifically the error says: Test has no 'RUN:' line. (but that’s a lie :smiley:)
Other questions I have is how come I have two tests and two workers.

I am using the python wrapper installed via pip. Here are my test files


import lit.formats

config.name = "A lit test"
config.test_format = lit.formats.ShTest(True)

config.suffixes = ['.py']
config.enable_bindings_python = 1
config.do_whatever = "i can"


# RUN: echo "Please resolve this"


-- Testing: 2 tests, 2 workers --
UNRESOLVED: A lit test :: lit.site.cfg.py (1 of 2)
******************** TEST 'A lit test :: lit.site.cfg.py' FAILED ********************
Test has no 'RUN:' line
PASS: A lit test :: dummy.py (2 of 2)
Unresolved Tests (1):
  A lit test :: lit.site.cfg.py

Testing Time: 0.06s
  Passed    : 1
  Unresolved: 1

It is telling you that lit.site.cfg.py has no RUN line, the dummy.py test passed

Thank you Mehdi,
I removed the .py and it gone.
I can see it got confused, now it shows the correct number of tests.