what bigger clang MSVC compatible checks?

according to


there are still some/many open issues for getting MSVC compatible

my question is: how is the testing done? are there many test-cases around or
also compile/link-test against librarys like Qt or other big ones?

Right now I test the MSVC compatibility by trying to build something big with /fallback, like:

Notably, the first two of those projects don’t need RTTI, exceptions, or dllexport/dllimport of classes, which are the big gaps in Clang’s compatibility today.

Having some amount of fallback keeps us honest w.r.t. ABI compatibility, but these days we don’t fall back very often. Soon we’ll have to take a more aggressive approach of mixing and matching object files between MSVC and Clang before linking and testing the resulting binary.

the first two of those projects don't need RTTI, exceptions

all my projects need, so i still have to wait
but thanks for your work and feedback